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Kim Acuña - voice teacher

Kim Acuña


"Learning music is meant to help us find our "voice" in so many ways. It is our path of expressing who are as individuals and the journey getting there is the best part of all!"


About The Teacher

Kim started singing at the age of five and hasn’t stopped since! In 2006, she  graduated from Simpson University with a B.A in Music (Emphasis in Voice) where she  was classically trained, studied Opera and continued on with Musical Theater. She has  since had the opportunity to utilize this degree in her private vocal instruction, directing,  musical directing, after school music instruction, and (her greatest passion) performing  on stage.

Currently, Kim is also working in the world of “Voice Acting”, TV/Film and  continuing work as a Singer/Songwriter. Here she has been able to actively take on new  areas of creativity and enjoys sharing what she’s learning with those interested in diving  into these same fields. In addition, she’s always excited to work with anyone for an  “audition prep” lesson and/or “character development” for a casted role.  

Although Kim has performed and professionally studied voice over the past 20  years and has over 10 years of teaching music/voice, she still feels there’s always more  to learn. She has created a well rounded style that can be flexible to each student’s  individual needs. Her heart and passion will always be in Musical Theater teaching, but  there is always a place and an emphasis for all genres of music. By adding some  influences of “Speech Level Singing” techniques to the student’s study, the idea is to  give the singer (no matter what genre or experience level) the opportunity to discover  their full vocal potential and open the mind to new ideas. She thoroughly enjoys learning  from and working with all ages and experience levels, but her passion is with any age that is a beginner to intermediate level.

Simpson University – B.A in Music (Emphasis in Voice) – 2006

Kim performed in the role of Mrs. Darling (Peter Pan), as well  as, Mrs. Cratchit (A Christmas Carol). Other prized roles she’s played include Regina  (Rock of Ages), Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins). Glinda the Good Witch (The Wizard of  Oz), Ensemble/Beggar Woman (Les Misérables), Penny (Hairspray) Victoria/the  Mezzo-Soprano (A Grand Night For Singing), Cinderella’s Stepmother (Into the Woods),  Nun/Chorus (The Sound of Music), Rachel Brown (Inherit the Wind) and many more.  Kim has also performed in numerous selected scenes for summer theater/opera  programs over the years with varying theater companies throughout California and  attended the Broadway Teacher’s Workshop in New York for further education. 

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