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Kyle Kelley

Saxophone, Clarinet, some Flute/Oboe

"With every student I get to work with it is my personal mission to foster a creative environment to develop and discover their passion for music. I cannot wait to work with you and make music together!"


About The Teacher

Kyle began playing woodwinds in 4th grade and has performed on saxophones, clarinets, flutes, and double reeds. He received a Bachelors of Arts in Music with a specialization in saxophone from Nazareth College.

Kyle places a strong emphasis on individualized learning and developing the perfect learning plan with each student. He believes that creating a unique plan that is both supporting and encouraging is the key factor to a successful education.

Bachelor’s Degree: Music with Specialization in Saxophone – Nazareth College

Kyle has had the privilege of performing at Lincoln Center, Eastman School of Music, and was invited with his quartet to perform at the 2019 International Saxophone Symposium in Washington DC. He has used Instagram to create and post frequent covers of popular music on various woodwinds and has also performed in the pit orchestra of several local and regional musical productions as a woodwind doubler.

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