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Iani Cuclicio

Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar “The Best Online Lessons For You!” Highlights Ages: All Ages Specialty: Pop, Classical Teaches: All Genres All Levels Bachelor’s Degree Speaks English, Romanian About The Teacher Background Hi! 🙂 I’m Alex a 27 years old dedicated professional guitar teacher. I’ve fallen in love when first touching the strings of a guitar …

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Levi Carpman

Drums, Guitar, Guitar Bass, Ukelele, Mandolin “Levi Carpman is a Northern Colorado based drummer, music teacher, producer/audio engineer, and composer. He received his Bachelor’s in Jazz Studies from the University of Northern Colorado in 2022, and now works with a variety of groups including big bands, rock groups, his own modern Jazz trio, and everything …

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Rebecca Lehman

Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Guitar, Pre-k Music “Teaching is my passion. I see myself as a musical guide, uncovering natural musical abilities in students and giving them tools to succeed in the future. My lessons are designed to foster musical independence through theory, listening, and analysis.” Highlights All Levels Bachelor’s Degree Speaks English Specialty: Classical, Song …

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Seth Johnson

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Drums “Hello, my name is Seth Johnson and I’m a teaching artist with over 20 years experience. I’ve toured all over the world performing all kinds of music and love sharing the lessons I’ve learned along the way.” Highlights All Levels Master’s Degree Speaks English, French Specialty: Jazz, Classical, Blues, Rock …

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Teacher of Guitar Lessons Online

Adam Moezinia

Guitar & Ukulele “While Adam is thoroughly invested in the art of teaching and seeing his students grow musically, he also believes that learning an instrument should be a fun and exciting process!” Highlights Ages: 5+ Specialty: Jazz, Early Childhood Teaches : All Genres All Levels Bachelor’s Degree Speaks English About The Teacher Background Guitarist …

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Dave Astro - Online Guitar Teacher

Dave Astro

Guitar and Ukelele “My lessons prepare my students with the skills they need to start making music. From blues to jazz, music theory to home recording techniques, my lessons deliver fast, fun and groovy results that will get my students playing the guitar in no time.” Highlights Specialty: Jazz, Country, Classical, Pop, Rock Teaches all …

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