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Iani Cuclicio

Guitar, Ukulele, Bass Guitar “The Best Online Lessons For You!” Highlights Ages: All Ages Specialty: Pop, Classical Teaches: All Genres All Levels Bachelor’s Degree Speaks English, Romanian About The Teacher Background Hi! 🙂 I’m Alex a 27 years old dedicated professional guitar teacher. I’ve fallen in love when first touching the strings of a guitar …

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Mike Reardon

Guitar, Piano “Help students reach their full potential by developing their natural abilities as a musician.” Highlights Ages: 12-70 Specialty: Classical and Jazz Teaches : All Genres All Levels Master’s Degree Speaks English About The Teacher Background Mike Reardon is a guitarist currently living in Bloomington Indiana who focuses mainly on performing, teaching, composing and …

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Michael Lundien

Piano, Composition “Hello! My name is Michael. If you are looking to explore the piano and have fun in the process, I can help you learn to play the pieces you’re most interested in, no matter the genre. I am looking forward to working with you!” Highlights All Levels Master’s Degree Speaks English Specialty: Classical, …

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Rebecca Lehman

Piano, Voice, Ukulele, Guitar, Pre-k Music “Teaching is my passion. I see myself as a musical guide, uncovering natural musical abilities in students and giving them tools to succeed in the future. My lessons are designed to foster musical independence through theory, listening, and analysis.” Highlights All Levels Bachelor’s Degree Speaks English Specialty: Classical, Song …

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Hae-Jeung-Kang - Piano and Voice

Hae-Jeung Kang

Voice, Piano “Hi everyone! I’ve been a music educator for 14 years. I’ve taught a wide range of students, and look forward to meeting you!” Highlights All Levels Bachelor’s Degree Speaks english, korean Ages: 3+ Specialty: Music Theory, Composition/Arranging, Music Technology Teaches all genres About The Teacher Background Hae-Jeung Kang is a Music Educator. She …

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Kelly Nelson

Piano, Violin, Percussion, Voice “I love music so much, and enjoy passing that love onto my students. I use my education and years of experience to help my students achieve their musical and personal goals.” Highlights All Levels Master’s Degree Speaks english Specialty: Classical Teaches all genres Ages: 3+ About The Teacher Background Kelly Nelson …

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Kelly Vargas

Voice, Piano, Guitar “As a teacher in music my passion is to bring the inspiration and joy to my students when learning and performing music. Whether it’s singing, playing guitar or piano or songwriting, my goal is my make my lessons fun, interactive, inspiring and educational.” Highlights All Levels Bachelor’s Degree Speaks english, spanish Specialty: …

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Javier Otalora

Violin, Viola “Have you ever wanted to play your favorite tunes from the radio but you’re not sure how? What about showing off your musical prowess to family and friends at holiday gatherings? Or perhaps you already play, but are eager to get better for the sake of getting better? Well, look no further! I’m …

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Seth Johnson

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Drums “Hello, my name is Seth Johnson and I’m a teaching artist with over 20 years experience. I’ve toured all over the world performing all kinds of music and love sharing the lessons I’ve learned along the way.” Highlights All Levels Master’s Degree Speaks English, French Specialty: Jazz, Classical, Blues, Rock …

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Max Oppeltz

Maximiliano Oppeltz

Cello “Hi! My name is Max Oppeltz and I’m a Venezuelan cellist. I just moved back after some years to the New York area to play as the Colton Fellow with the New Jersey Symphony, where I plan to be for the next year or so. If I’m not practicing, or playing in orchestra, or …

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