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Javier Otalora

Violin, Viola “Have you ever wanted to play your favorite tunes from the radio but you’re not sure how? What about showing off your musical prowess to family and friends at holiday gatherings? Or perhaps you already play, but are eager to get better for the sake of getting better? Well, look no further! I’m …

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Seth Johnson

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele, Drums “Hello, my name is Seth Johnson and I’m a teaching artist with over 20 years experience. I’ve toured all over the world performing all kinds of music and love sharing the lessons I’ve learned along the way.” Highlights All Levels Master’s Degree Speaks English, French Specialty: Jazz, Classical, Blues, Rock …

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Max Oppeltz

Maximiliano Oppeltz

Cello “Hi! My name is Max Oppeltz and I’m a Venezuelan cellist. I just moved back after some years to the New York area to play as the Colton Fellow with the New Jersey Symphony, where I plan to be for the next year or so. If I’m not practicing, or playing in orchestra, or …

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Emma Steen - Guitar, Voice, Songwriting, Bass, Piano, Music theory, Production, Film scoring, Audition prep, and Portfolio building

Emma Steen

Guitar, Voice, Songwriting, Bass, Piano, Music theory, Production, Film scoring, Audition prep, and Portfolio building “I’m a folk musician and composer with nearly a decade of teaching and playing experience. Whether you want to play professionally, or just be able to jam with your friends, I’ll help you get on the right track.” Highlights All …

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Kevin Oliver

Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute “I’ve had great musical experiences so far studying at Juilliard, playing Carnegie Hall and touring and I would love to impart some of my wisdom on your students. I can’t wait to meet you!” Highlights All Levels Bachelor’s Degree Speaks English Specialty: Philosophy and Pedagogy Teaches all genres Ages: 3+ About The …

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Jessica Mitchell

Cello “I specialize in catering the lesson to the student. No matter what age you are or what type of music interests you, I can make a plan to get you playing it. We are going to have a lot of fun!” Highlights All Levels Master’s Degree Speaks English Specialty: Orchestra Teaches all genres Ages: …

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Ella Markham - Voice Teacher

Ella Markham

Piano, Voice “Music has always felt like a second language to me. Expressing yourself musically is such an incredible feeling. Let’s work together to help you find your voice!” Highlights Teaches All Levels Bachelor’s Degree Speaks English Ages 3+ Specialty: Pop, Classical, Jazz Teaches: All Genres About The Teacher Background UK native, Ella Markham studied …

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Teacher of Trumpet lessons online

Griffith Gentilcore

Trumpet “I think of music as a universal language. It inspires us to create. It is an endless journey of past stories and future memories. In order to be truly immersed in music, all different types of music from around the world must be considered and embraced.” Highlights All Levels Post-Graduate Degree Speaks English Ages: …

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Teacher of Guitar Lessons Online

Adam Moezinia

Guitar & Ukulele “While Adam is thoroughly invested in the art of teaching and seeing his students grow musically, he also believes that learning an instrument should be a fun and exciting process!” Highlights Ages: 5+ Specialty: Jazz, Early Childhood Teaches : All Genres All Levels Bachelor’s Degree Speaks English About The Teacher Background Guitarist …

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Dave Astro - Online Guitar Teacher

Dave Astro

Guitar and Ukelele “My lessons prepare my students with the skills they need to start making music. From blues to jazz, music theory to home recording techniques, my lessons deliver fast, fun and groovy results that will get my students playing the guitar in no time.” Highlights Specialty: Jazz, Country, Classical, Pop, Rock Teaches all …

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