Refer A Friend!


Here, you can take advantage of current referral offers, while also helping a small business grow!

If you know the name of someone who might be interested in a free trial for any of our music classes, please let us know who so we can reach out! 

Please complete the form to the best of your ability, so we know who sent the referral (and so you get credit!)
If they sign up for a month or more of lessons, you will both receive the referral offer!*

Please provide an email or phone number.

*Referral offers good for:
– Students not currently enrolled or scheduled for a trial with Jolie Musique School of The Arts.
– Referrals who submit a scheduled date for their free trial within 30 days of the referral being submitted.
– Those who satisfy any other stipulations from promotional material (in writing) not otherwise clarified here.