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See what our students have to say about learning piano at Jolie!

Vanessa Pino Ryan
Vanessa Pino Ryan
Local Guide
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My 7y/o daughter started piano classes by the end of June for the fist time ever. She's doing so good and loves to go to her classes, Mrs. Grace has been amazing and always reinforcing her how much she can achieve, giving her the confidence she needs to keep going. Classes are interactive and fun, all that kids need for sucess!
Andi Flory
Andi Flory
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
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My 8 year old has started taking piano lessons with Evelyn. She looks forward to her weekly lessons, and I love seeing the confidence she is gaining.
Janine Gervais
Janine Gervais
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
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We have had a great experience with Jolie. My son does piano and drum lessons. All the instructors have been very flexible and patient. We really enjoy the ability to do virtual lessons.

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Milestone Prizes help our piano students feel accomplished as they learn!
Students of all ages learn Piano at Jolie!

What Is A Piano Lesson At Jolie Like?

Jolie piano lessons and classes center an academic foundation at the core of everything we do.

But how our students learn is all about creating an encouraging environment to help students stick with their lessons, to grow as individuals, and to find joy in their piano lessons!

An academic focus is central to our approach, using techniques we learned in major universities.

Fun group classes keep our students coming back, excited to make new friends and learn more!

Recitals are wonderful events students love to participate in – and get their chance to shine!

Our rewards and milestones help students stay motivated and proud of all they achieve at Jolie!

You will quickly learn your first songs and are welcome to join us at our next recital!
We provide everything you need for your first lesson!
Our Milestone Program and fun prizes help our piano students feel accomplished as they learn!
All ages and skill levels learn piano with Jolie!
We provide everything you need for your first lesson!

Our Piano Classes

We Make Learning Piano Fun And Rewarding!

At Jolie, we are passionate about teaching music and delivering a phenomenal experience for all our students and families!

While we offer both group and private lessons to students of all ages and skill levels, we’ve noticed that some of the most fun our piano students will have is always happening in our group classes!

Whether you prefer group or private lessons, and regardless of your age or skill level, lessons at Jolie are fantastic because we make getting real progress feel both rewarding and fun.

If you live locally in Apex, Cary, or the surrounding areas here in North Carolina, come in for a free trial! If you prefer, you can book online lessons as well.

We can’t wait to meet you and/or your young learners, to help you achieve your goals in music education. See you soon!

Our Programs For Excellence

We make learning piano, voice, guitar, and more fun and easy for local and online students

Flexible Scheduling

Our students and/or parents can use our intuitive scheduling system to insure lessons are held or adjusted on your schedule.

Performance Opportunities

Exciting Recitals the whole family can enjoy! Many of our students love performing live, going out for auditions, and more. Jolie regularly hosts events for you or your child to demonstrate and celebrate all that hard work!

Skill Evaluation

With our unique Milestone Rewards Program, students will love learning by progressing through a familiar, effective strategy to reward their hard work!

Weekend Classes

Whether you’re an adult student with a busy week, a current student who missed a class, or a new younger student with limited availability on weekdays, we have incredible classes suited to your needs, 7 days a week!

More about Our Piano Classes

While it is commonly thought that students get better results from private piano lessons, we have found that our students greatly prefer our group classes. This is not only because of the fun they have there, the added friendships and bonds they make with other children who have common interests helps them stay more dedicated to taking lessons. The connections they form here make them excited to come to class each week! 

And yes – we’re talking about students of all ages!

One of the most valuable benefits of learning in a music school is the ability to see meaningful results as you study. Jolie strives to do just that – and we understand that a key tool to help accomplish that goal, is to create a teaching style and an environment that keeps our students happy, productive, and eager to learn more.

If you would like to learn more about our philosophy, methodology, credentials, or anything else, we encourage you to reach out and let us know! You can sign up for your trial by clicking the button at the top of the page, or you can contact us with the “Get Started” link in the header above.

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Your first lesson is free, so you have nothing to lose! If you have questions or would like more information before getting started, please reach out. Otherwise, if you’d like to get started, click the link below. We look forward to the chance to work together, and hope to see you soon!