Violin & Viola Teachers

Fei Yang

All Levels
Specialization: Violin, Piano

Fei has been teaching piano and violin to all levels and all ages from 3 years old to adults for over twenty years. She’s a member of the Mid Cities Music Teacher Association in Texas ( and Music Teacher Association of California ( and has helped many students pass their Certificate of Merit exams. She is also a certified Yamaha Music Education System Teacher. She has experienced teaching group and private piano and violin lessons. Her approach of teaching is to encourage having fun and create an atmosphere where learning and development will thrive! 

She received her Master of music in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy at Brigham Young University (studying on scholarship with Paul Pollei) and her bachelor’s degree from Taiwan’s National Institute of Arts, where she was chosen as the leading accompanist for several years. 

Fei has also taken doctorate-level courses in music art with Norman Kreiger at the University of Southern California, and piano-performance classes with Daming Zu, a graduate of The Juilliard School. Fei has performed in piano trios, solo piano recitals, a piano duo recital in Salt Lake City (1996), and in many orchestras as a violinist during her school years. She has also participated in many piano competitions, including the International Vienna Competition (1992), the First International Piano Competition in Taipei (1991), and the National Piano Competition of Taiwan (multiple years). She performed in the Gina Bachauer “Recitals on the Towne” series as well.

Nicole kane

All Levels
Specialization: Violin, Viola

I listened to a musical calling and started playing the violin when I was 7. I never quit and kept going. And 31 years later, I have collected various experiences under my belt as a student, teacher, and performer. For the past fifteen years, I have conducted my own business teaching violin and viola in my music studio at home. I have had a variety of students of all ages with different musical backgrounds and experiences. I teach in the local schools here in Southern California. Not only do I teach, I also perform throughout the area. I currently play for private events, big events, and various venues in LA. I have had the opportunity to play with a variety of different bands and Djs. Currently, I love to play anything from classical, to blues, to rock. Lastly, the combination of the electronic realm and strings has sparked my interest lately.

A music teacher is paying the musical gift forward. Not only to that one student or class, but to the whole world. It’s a domino effect of goodness that grows exponentially! A new sense of musical identity is met when you learn and take on the responsibility of an instrument. I teach from the ground up from a classical standpoint. It is important to understand your fingerboard thoroughly. I break it down in a simple way, that has worked for many of my students. Most importantly, it is a fun learning experience by both student and teacher!!

Music is the universal language of the soul. It is one language that everyone speaks to. Everyone listens to it to make them feel emotion or identification. People are instantly connected through music even when there is a lack of oral communication. By learning an instrument you are connecting yourself to your heart, mind, and soul beyond a world of limitations. I am excited to welcome my new students to this experience!

Wenting Bian

All Levels
Specialization: Violin, Viola

Wenting Bian is a professional violinist and experienced violin instructor. She received her Master Degree in Violin Performance at Northwestern University, under the direction of Blair Milton, a member of Chicago Symphony Orchestra. She completed her Bachelor’s Degrees in Music Education and Violin Performance at California Baptist University in 2019.

She was raised in China, started playing the violin when she was 5 years old. As a performer, she received numerous awards and honors. She was the first prize winner for China National Youth Competition in 2010, 2012 and 2014. She held her first solo recital in the city of Nanjing in 2015. In the field of orchestra playing, she was the concertmistress of Nanjing No.1 High School

Symphony Orchestra which had performed in Australia and Europe, the concertmistress of California Baptist University Symphony Orchestra and a frequent sub of Corona Symphony. She attended Texas Music Festival with full scholarship in 2019.

She is very passionate about teaching. She had generated considerable interest in teaching music since high school, and had over 7 years experience working with all-age students in both private and group settings. Before coming to the United States, she worked as violin instructor and chamber coach in “Xianzhimeng” Chamber Orchestra which consisted of over 80 students. Later in her teaching career, she worked as a violin instructor in Riverside Harmony Project for 2 years. Throughout her time at Northwestern University, she was the teaching assistant for Piano Trio class and Northwestern Music Academy. She prepared her students with school performances, auditions and competitions.

As a music educator, she believes music is a tool to provide a pathway for connections and deeper understanding to this world. Every child can and should learn music. In her teaching, she wants her students to enjoy music, to learn music while having fun. At the same time, she appropriately challenges and encourages her students to do more high-order thinking while meeting the standard.