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See what our students have to say about learning voice at Jolie!

Debbie Abazia
Debbie Abazia
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
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Sabrina has been taking vocal lessons now for close to a year. She really enjoys her lessons. Sabrina has become more confident in her singing. Her voice is developing nicely and she's selecting songs out of her comfort zone.

Roxane has been wonderful in guiding Sabrina with her techniques and support. If you are looking for a vocal coach then you should contact Roxane. She's amazing and comes with great credentials!!
Cyndi Flemming
Cyndi Flemming
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My daughter had been singing for years when we moved to the area. She began having issues with her voice and needed a truly skilled, educated teacher to help her with these issues and take her voice to the next level... My daughter is once again singing beautifully!

Roxane also makes the lessons fun for the kids and can handle a meltdown with ease. We love her and now she’s even teaching my daughter piano!
Patricia Earley
Patricia Earley
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My 10 year old daughter has had a wonderful experience with Ms. Roxane! The weekly vocal lessons have really helped her improve a lot over a short amount of time. Roxane has helped her pick songs for auditions and prepare for the auditions. She is very encouraging, full of energy and supportive. I highly recommend Jolie Musique!

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Milestone Prizes help our voice students feel accomplished as they learn!
Students of all ages learn voice at Jolie!

What Is A Voice Lesson At Jolie Like?

Jolie piano lessons and classes center an academic foundation at the core of everything we do.

But how our students learn is all about creating an encouraging environment to help students stick with their lessons, to grow as individuals, and to find joy in the work of mastering their voice!

We center an academic foundation in our lessons, using many of the same techniques taught in top 10 universities.

Fun group classes keep our students coming back, excited to make new friends and learn more!

Recitals are wonderful events students love to participate in – and get their chance to shine!

Our rewards and milestones help students stay motivated and proud of all they achieve at Jolie!

You will quickly learn your first songs and are welcome to join us at our next recital!
We provide everything you need for your first lesson!
Milestone Prizes help our voice students feel accomplished as they learn!
All ages and skill levels learn voice with Jolie!
We provide everything you need for your first lesson!

Our Voice Classes

We Make Learning Voice Fun And Rewarding!

Some of the most fun we have at Jolie are in our group voice classes! Part of your experience as a student at Jolie is a focus on making progress rewarding and fun. 

Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, an adult or a young student, Jolie focuses on making learning voice a wonderful experience with milestones, achievements, and more!

If you live locally in Apex or Cary, NC (or the surrounding areas) and would like to come in for a free trial, or if you live abroad or prefer to avoid the commute, come in for a free trial, or book one online, and we can show you how learning voice with Jolie can be both rewarding and fun!

Our Programs For Excellence

We make learning piano, voice, guitar, and more fun and easy for local and online students

Flexible Scheduling

Our students and/or parents can use our intuitive scheduling system to insure lessons are held or adjusted on your schedule.

Performance Opportunities

Exciting Recitals the whole family can enjoy! Many of our students love performing live, going out for auditions, and more. Jolie regularly hosts events for you or your child to demonstrate and celebrate all that hard work!

Skill Evaluation

With our unique Milestone Rewards Program, students will love learning by progressing through a familiar, effective strategy to reward their hard work!

Weekend Classes

Whether you’re an adult student with a busy week, a current student who missed a class, or a new younger student with limited availability on weekdays, we have incredible classes suited to your needs, 7 days a week!

More about Our Voice Classes

While many assume private voice lessons are the way to go, our group classes have surprisingly become a real hit with our students. Singers of all ages seem to be not only getting better results, they’re having  more fun with their classmates and making friends with others who share their love music and singing. As a result, these special connections make each class something to look forward to every week!

At Jolie, we are committed to building a music school that creates amazing experiences for students of all ages and skill levels every day. And we know that, in order to make learning special, we need a teaching style and an environment that keeps our kids excited and eager to learn more.

So, while our private lesson option is always available, families who want a more fun and immersive learning experience, as well as one which is less expensive that private lessons, are definitely encouraged to try our group music lessons!

If you want to know more about our credentials, our approach to music education, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can start your free trial above or contact us with the “Get Started” link in the header to get in touch. Let the musical adventure begin!

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