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Music Lesson FAQ

Below Are The Answers To Many Of our Most Commonly Asked Questions.
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Q: Who can take music lessons with Jolie Musique?

A: Music lessons are available for all ages and levels. Whether you are a professional, or just starting out, we have the perfect teacher for you! 

Q: What age can my child start music lessons?

A: We have specialized teachers who can teach students as young as 4 for some instruments such as piano, voice and even guitar. We can help you find the right instrument and teacher for your child’s interests.

Adults are welcome to try any instrument, from beginner to advanced! 

Q: What will I learn in my music lessons?

A: In addition to performance style and interpretation, our teachers include musicianship as part of their curriculum (music theory, rhythm) to make your student the best musician they can be!

Focus on a variety of music styles to promote the development of proper technique, beautiful artistry and the enjoyment of music. We explore styles of Jazz, Classical, Musical Theater, Pop, Rock, and more!  

Q: How much do lessons cost?

A: We strive to ensure all of our teachers receive a living wage for their time. Costs for lessons vary by teacher, but all of our highly qualified and wonderful online music teachers fall between $30 and $45 per half-hour lesson.

With billing options available that offer various discounts, we make signing up for lessons easy with our friendly, expert support staff. Our team is here to help you find the right lesson plan and price for your needs. By letting us know your schedule and what your goals and budget are, we can match you with the perfect teacher that meets all your requirements!

Do I need a piano for my piano lessons?

A: While a piano is ideal, an electronic keyboard will work just fine in the beginning. We recommend something with weighted keys if you can but a normal keyboard will work as well. Often times these can be purchased secondhand for a fraction of the price.

Q: What materials do I need for my lessons?

A: Students should have access to their chosen instrument for lessons and practice purposes, as well as any books suggested by their teacher. Ask your teacher for suggestions on purchase/rental.

Voice students should have a 3-ring binder, current music repertoire, and a bottle of water to each lesson. a second device, such as iDevices, smart phones, small audio recorders, are always helpful!

Q: Where do I go for my lesson?

A: Online lessons take place on Zoom. Your teacher’s Zoom information will be provided in your lesson appointment email.

Zoom can be downloaded here for free:

Contact for assistance.

Q: How much do I (or my child) need to practice?

A: Students should to practice enough to reach their lesson goals each week. Practice is more about repetition than the amount of time spent. Younger students do very well with support from their parents! Ask your teacher for suggestions on how to help your child practice.

Q: We had a super busy week and weren’t able to practice very much, should we still attend our lesson?

Yes! We all get busy from time to time. Let your teacher know and they can help your child review what was learned in the previous lesson.

Q: Do you offer performance opportunities like recitals?

We do! We offer 2 online recitals per year. One in the fall and one in the spring. These are not mandatory but we encourage our students to participate. They are very low key and super fun!

Q: I am taking piano lessons but am interested in switching to guitar. Is that possible?

Yes it is! Contact your advisor or writ to us at and we can help you switch to any instrument you are interested in.

Q: Do you offer lessons during the summer?

A: Yes! We offer lessons year round and highly recommend continuing lessons during the summertime to help keep all the great progress you or your child made during the year.

Q: My child is signed up for an after school activity like sports or dance. If the schedule changes and/or conflicts with my lesson day, what should I do?

A: No worries. Talk to your teacher, they may be able to offer you a different lesson day/time. You can also talk to your advisor or email us at

Q: What if I need to cancel a lesson?

A: Lessons may be cancelled or rescheduled up to 24 hours before your lesson time. Please note: Students may have 2 makeup lessons per semester as long as they cancel before the 24 hours mark.