Piano Guitar and Voice Lessons

available in Apex, NC & Online

We make piano, voice, guitar and other lessons fun and easy for students of all ages and skill levels.
Students love our fun, engaging Group Classes and Private Lessons!

Piano group classes and private lessons in Apex NC offer incredible local piano lessons for a great price. Study piano with excellent tutors and make friends, develop confidence, and improve focus.


Piano lessons are a rewarding and essential part of a well-rounded education.

Voice group classes and private lessons in Apex NC offer incredible local voice lessons for a great price. Study voice with excellent tutors, make friends, develop confidence, and improve focus.


Discover your love of singing and learn to master your voice, or just have fun!

Pre-K group classes in Apex NC. Help your child learn important foundational skills, make friends, develop confidence, and improve focus.

Pre-k Music

Introduce your child to the joy of music and piano! Small class sizes, big fun!

Guitar group classes and private lessons in Apex NC offer incredible local guitar lessons for a great price. Study acoustic and electric guitar with excellent tutors, make friends, develop confidence, and improve focus.


Join a group class to learn one of the world’s most popular instruments!

Group Classes And Private Lessons:

Group Classes And
Private Lessons:

Which one is right for you?

Private Lessons

Private Music Lessons in Apex NC for Piano, Voice, and Guitar. 1-on-1 instruction from music tutors that offer tailored music education ideal for advanced students, students who need help with focus, or those who just prefer the learning experience that comes from dedicated teacher focus.

Best For Students Who Want:

  • Quality music education in Piano, Voice, or Guitar.
  • A tailored learning experience adjusted to their learning style.
  • An environment ideal for students who struggle with attention, or just do better 1-on-1 with their teacher.

Group Classes

Group Music Classes in Piano, Voice, and Guitar that offer fun, social, engaging music education in Apex, NC for affordable prices - a great value!

Perfect For Those Who Want:

  • A quality music education in Piano, Voice, or Guitar.
  • To make new friends who also love music.
  • The chance to make music together with fellow students!
  • A phenomenal education for a great price.

Our vision is every child inspired, challenged, empowered.

At Jolie Musique, we strive to create a dynamic, engaging learning experience, which blends the best aspects of group learning and one-on-one instruction. 

While never losing sight of the importance of fun in learning, we combine the best techniques for classroom learning with the unique benefits of individualized instruction.

Our small classroom model means you receive the perfect balance of quality instruction and attractive pricing anywhere in Apex, Cary, Wake County (NC), or online. 

And of course, we also offer private lessons, for those who prefer to work 1-on-1 with one of our phenomenal teachers to get a focused, tailored experience on their journey to mastering their instrument!


Preparing Your Child for a Bright Future

Our music lessons are designed with your child’s growth and success in mind. Our approach is centered on harnessing the incredible benefits of music education to pave the way for your child’s brighter and more promising future.

Academic Excellence

Our lessons go beyond melodies; they lay the foundation for academic excellence. Research reveals that children who learn music tend to excel in their studies, with enhanced cognitive skills.

Boosted Confidence

We understand that confidence is key to a child's success. Our music lessons instill a sense of accomplishment, building your child's self-esteem for a more confident future.

Social Development

Our Lessons provide a unique opportunity for your child to develop teamwork, communication, and confidence in a supportive environment.

Our Programs For Excellence

We make learning piano, voice, guitar, and more fun and easy for local and online students

Flexible Scheduling

Our students and parents can use our intuitive scheduling system (Downloadable app available!) to check their schedule or quickly make adjustments, as needed.

Performance Opportunities

Exciting Recitals the whole family can enjoy! Many students love performing live, auditioning, and more. Jolie regularly hosts events for our students to demonstrate and celebrate all their hard work!

Skill Evaluation

Students love our unique Milestone Rewards Program!  They learn by progressing through a familiar, effective strategy to reward their hard work!

Weekend Classes

Jolie offers our incredible classes, on Saturdays, too! These are great for those with a busy week, for students who may need to make up a class, and more.

Summer Camp Billboard

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Update: All Camps Are Booked/Closed! Check Back For New Camps in 2025!

Our Referral Program

Refer and save! Lessons have never been more fun or affordable than when you refer friends and family to Jolie!

When you refer someone for a free trial and they book lessons, both you and the person you referred receive a free lesson on next month’s bill!

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Your first lesson is free. You have nothing to lose by trying a piano, voice, guitar, or Pre-k music lesson in-person at our lovely Apex, NC studio (or online from anywhere)! 

Jolie Musique is 5-star rated because it’s our mission to be the best music school in North Carolina, and we work hard to bring our students and parents the most rewarding experience possible!

Classes are affordable, and special incentives and rewards make learning with us even better. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started today!