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No commute, no waiting, no cleaning up to impress the teacher, no disruption to your busy life! Taking lessons online is as easy as ordering delivery!


Our methodology has students more engaged, excited, and looking forward to their next lesson. This means better outcomes and more fun!


Taking music lessons online has been shown to improve grades, test scores, language, and mathematics abilities.

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"My daughter loves her lessons each week and actually gets excited to practice her guitar. She has learned so much from her teacher. I love that all we have to do is get her logged on each week instead of commuting to and from a studio. "

- Mindy Sandoval

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Courses Offered:
Jolie Musique has instructors to teach you all of the most popular music lessons. Look here to learn more about our courses.

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Learn the fundamentals of piano online while exploring a fun repertoire in the styles of classical, pop, jazz, and more! You'll hone your knowledge of music theory, prep for recitals and auditions, and master techniques used at the highest levels.

All levels. Ages 4+
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Learn the best techniques to help you sing like a pro - from real professionals! Breathing, posture, artistry, and musicianship - just to name a few.Taking singing lessons online means never having to worry about nerves. It's just you and a professional who can guide you to find your true voice.

All levels. Ages 6+
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From the classics to the contemporary, you'll explore it all with your guitar teacher. Like to compose your own songs? We'd love to help you write your own music! Guitar lessons online make it easier than ever to master your instrument for any genre!

All levels. Ages 6+
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Classical music lessons online from teachers who've worked with some of the best in the world. We offer lessons in Violin, Viola, Cello, and all other classical string instruments. We also offer Suzuki and traditional lessons in every genre!

All levels. Ages 6+
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Online lessons for all instruments are available.
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One More Reason to Join: Music Recitals, Online!

Recitals Online

Our recitals are free to participate in and attend! Even better, they’ve been enormously successful in helping our students grow in confidence. Music lessons online aren’t just about convenience or value. They’re about connecting friends and families together – and even meeting new friends! Music really does connect us all!

So don’t miss our next recital! Get started on your musical journey today and next time, you can invite your family and friends (or not!) to show what you, your child, or grandchild have learned! Recitals are an essential part of any music education and our virtual recitals are also a wonderful way to connect with friends and family who otherwise might not have been able to attend!

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